Unlocking the Power of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: A Comprehensive Guide

Amazon A+ Content, formerly Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), is the cornerstone of your brand presentation and sales strategies on Amazon’s Seller Central. It is a critical aspect of effective marketplace management, acting as a visual and narrative interface of what your brand embodies.

Amazon A+ content helps foster customer trust, boost conversion rates, and acquire a higher ranking on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), making it integral to online presence management.

What is Amazon A+?

Amazon A+ Content enhances brand owners’ product listings by allowing the integration of advanced image and video content to tell a compelling brand story.

This premium content feature enables sellers to optimize their branded ASINs’ product descriptions with rich text, images, and videos, aiming to enhance user experience and drive increased traffic and conversions.

An A+ content page typically includes:

  • Multiple, varied product images showcasing different angles, close-ups, and lifestyle shots
  • A concise product introduction, typically under 100 words
  • Impactful bullet points highlighting key benefits
  • A “What’s in the box” section detailing the product’s components
  • Additional elements like 360° product views, comparison charts, and videos for promoting related products within the product family.

What is Amazon Premium A+?

Amazon Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content, elevates the standard A+ Content by offering an enhanced shopping experience, typically utilized by major vendors and well-established brands. It extends the feature set with 16 additional modules and specialized selling tools to provide comprehensive product information.

A Premium A+ content page includes:

  • High-quality integrated videos of up to 3 minutes, offering clarity and detailed insights.
  • A collection of seven modules per page, each displaying HD product images and visuals.
  • A detailed FAQ section designed to address queries, providing clarity and building customer confidence.
  • Interactive elements like hotspot modules that respond when customers hover over product features, and carousel modules for easy image navigation.
  • Pages optimized for both mobile and voice interactions, including compatibility with the Alexa system.

How does Premium A+ differ from Basic A+?

Basic A+ ContentPremium A+ Content
FreePaid – Costs thousands of dollars
A+ is available to all vendors.A++ is available on an invite-only basis.
There are 12 basic modules.There are 16 interactive modules and 12 basic modules.
Allowed 5 modules per page.Allowed 7 modules per page.
No carousel can be created.A carousel with up to 5 slides can be created.
Basic A+ is free for all sellers.Premium A+ is chargeable and is relatively expensive.
The maximum content width is 970 pixels.The maximum content width is 1464 pixels.
Increasing the conversion rate by 3-10%.Increasing the conversion rate by 15%.
Basic A+
Premium A+

A+ content modules
Text Modules:
These are available in two variations – standard and product description. Both offer full-width plain text, aiding in detailed content display.
Full-width Images:
This category encompasses standard images accompanied by either dark or light text overlays, ideal for accentuating lifestyle products through in-use images. Image headers with text are integral to highlight a product’s distinctive features.
Smaller Images – Single:
Modules like standard single left and right images, sidebar, highlights fulfill, fulfills, and specifications fall under this type. They’re adept at presenting feature-rich, text-heavy information, complemented by images for enhanced comprehension.
Smaller Images – Multiple:
Including standard three and four images, text with quadrant, and multiple image module A, these modules are designed for grouped feature depiction. They require careful utilization to avoid redundancy.
Comparison Charts:
These modules excel in displaying variations of a product, facilitating easy comparison for buyers. By outlining key differences, they aid in informed purchasing decisions.
Dos and Don’ts of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Design
Ensure content is thoroughly proofread and free of grammatical and punctuation errors before submission.
Maintain brevity and clarity in content.
Utilize high-definition images paired with text for an engaging presentation.
Balance informative content without overloading text.
Optimize the layout for both mobile and desktop viewing.
Adhere to required dimensions and pixel quality for EBC-compliant images.
Implement banners to diversify the product detail page and guide shopper focus to persuasive product features.
Refrain from using registered trademarks, copyrights, and symbols in content, whether it is your own or a competitor’s
Avoid time-sensitive content including shipping
Exclude mentions of warranties or guarantees
Steer clear of unsubstantiated or exaggerated promotional claims.
Watermarks and URLs must not be mentioned
Abstain from providing contact details or identifying as a distributor, seller, or vendor.
Final thoughts
Adhering to the outlined policies and guidelines might appear challenging for sellers, yet it’s a crucial step that yields significant benefits. EBC listing play a significant role in enhancing brand and product representation and improving search result rankings.
The quality of A+ and Brand Store directly influences sales, conversions, and returns. It’s pivotal in shaping buying decisions. Thus, investing effort in crafting top-notch content and refining product pages is essential to optimize their effectiveness and impact.
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