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How can video content enhance brand visibility and engagement for ecommerce businesses?

In recent years, with the upgrading ecommerce landscape, video commerce has emerged as a dynamic tool to not only captivate consumers but also help enhance brand visibility and engagement. While saturation of video content is a task, we need to raise the bar of creating quality content, and change the way brands connect with their customers.

Before delving into how video marketing could help enhance brand visibility and engagement, let’s first understand what video marketing is and further explore how it can enhance the marketing strategy to propel the brand.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a digital marketing strategy which involves creating video content to promote or inform the audience about a product or service. By utilizing this medium, businesses can attract and retain customers’ attention, convey a message and drive actions that are desired by the brand. In order to yield successful results, video marketing should be properly incorporated into the digital plan.

Why is Video Marketing required for Ecommerce Brands?

Now honestly, how many of us care to spend time reading about a specific product, compared to watching a video of the product? Not much right?

Since videos are much more interesting and interactive, customers would definitely prefer a video as compared to a giant blog.

Ecommerce video marketing allows brands to market their products effectively and efficiently. There are various ways and reasons why video marketing is needed for ecommerce brands.

Listed below are a few reasons why brands require ecommerce marketing services.

  1. Increases Social Shares:

Videos have the potential to make an emotional connection with the audience and hence can effectively engage more with the audience as compared to static images. As emotions are powerful, they can drive the social sharing decisions. This leads to the potential of being exposed to a new set of audience due to social sharing. Thus video marketing helps to establish a connection with the audience.

  • Attracts Customers To Make A Purchase:

Statistics show that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded content on social media as compared to infographics, e-books, articles, etc. An engaging and immersive content can create a strong desire and interest towards your product or service.

  • Helps To Build The Brand & Trust:

A video content will require you to put a face on your product/service operations. Showing real-life people behind the brand, they develop a sense of oneness, belonging and the brand is seen to be credible. Videos such as client testimonials, missions, brand journey, etc, allows consumers to connect with the brand more deeply.

  • Appealing To Mobile Users:

In such a fast-paced world, mobile users consume maximum video content because it’s easy to understand and absorb information, no matter where they are. It doesn’t require you to sit down somewhere and read it. Mobile users also share video content with their network, which helps in more visibility.

Now that we have a fair idea of why ecommerce marketing services are required, let’s look at how we can include them into our marketing strategy?

How to include videos in Marketing strategy for Maximum Benefit?

A few ways to incorporate videos in marketing strategy are discussed as below:

Include Videos on the Website:

The most simplest way to incorporate videos in the ecommerce marketing services is by sharing the videos on relevant pages on your website. Your video can be a successful campaign video, or a product usage video to help promote your product or service.

Posting Videos on Social Media Channels:

Besides creating and uploading videos on your website, you can also create and upload videos on your social media handles to help gain traction, and maximize your reach and engagement. Thus creating  content that is not only appealing but shareable, is important to help increase brand awareness.

Can be used as Lead Generation and Retargeting Ads:

A good and efficient video content can also be strategically used for running ads. This helps in generating leads and in turn boosts conversions. High quality thumbnails in ads can significantly boost click-through rates, and a clear CTA will compel viewers to take the desired action.

Utilizing Videos through the Ecommerce Funnel:

The beauty is that you can provide different kinds of videos at various stages of the Ecommerce Funnel. For example, in the awareness stage you can create engaging video content that introduces the brand to the audience. Gradually as you get the interest of your audience, you can create informative/engaging videos to make them aware of your offers. In this way you can gradually complete the funnel by achieving your desired objectives.

Thus, video content offers an array of benefits for your online store. It has the ability to improve your SERP (Search Engine Rank Pages) rankings while possibly revolutionizing your online presence. We hope that this article has enabled you to understand a few aspects of video content and how it helps enhance e-commerce business.

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