Understanding Indian Online Consumer Behavior for Festive Season Success.

Decoding Indian Online Consumer Behavior Patterns: Preparing Your Online Business For Festive Season Success.

We all know that we Indians love to shop during the festive season. In recent times, understanding the consumer behavior in online shopping is essential for any online business striving for success, especially during the festive season since consumers increase their spending. According to As businesses in the ecommerce world are rapidly growing, it’s important to decode online consumer behavior. It helps you to devise effective strategies that cater to the needs and preferences of Indian consumers.

But first let’s understand what is online consumer behavior?

What is online consumer behavior? 

It is a range of actions and decisions made by individuals while browsing, searching, evaluating, and purchasing products or services online. As a  business it’s crucial to comprehend the online purchase behavior of customers. Businesses can make adjustments to their offerings through marketing messages and user experiences to align with the expectations of their target audience.

When it comes to the consumer behavior trends in online shopping, several key trends and patterns are observed, particularly during various Indian festive seasons.

How can brands prepare their online business for the festive season?

Let’s have a look and explore how your online business can capitalise on the online purchase behavior of customers for the success of any festive season:

Customers preference towards Discounts and Deals: 

Indian consumers are price-sensitive. They actively seek out discounts, deals, and promotional offers when making online purchases. Since they indulge in purchasing a lot during festive season, their tendency to look for the best discounts and deals increases rapidly. According to a report by financial express, 70% shoppers are likely to purchase from a brand that offers discounts. This shows that deals and discounts are a great way of captivating your audience’s attention to buy your products. As an online business, you can offer attractive discounts and exclusive deals to significantly boost your online sales. 

Mobile Shopping Dominance among customers: 

With an increase in smartphones, a significant portion of online shopping in India now occurs through mobile devices. Understanding the nature of online consumer behavior in India is vital for optimising your website and marketing strategies for mobile users. It’s essential to ensure that your website is mobile-responsive, and consider investing in mobile advertising to expand your audience reach. According to Livemint, 50% of online retail sales is dominated by mobile commerce.  Major e-commerce firms like Snapdeal, Filpkart, etc find that more than half of their sales are coming from mobile. For example, Flipkart derives 70% of its sales through mobile. 

Preference of Customers for Trusted Brands: 

A tendency that is observed in Indian customers is that they tend to lean towards established and trusted brands, while purchasing high-value items or gifts during festive seasons. Establishing a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness through authentic customer reviews, social proof, and transparent policies can help in attracting and retaining customers during the festive rush.

Regional and Cultural Sensitivity of Customers: 

India is a diverse country, and it’s important to acknowledge and respect these cultural differences in your marketing campaigns. Product offerings can help resonate more deeply with your target audience. Customising your messages and promotions help forge a stronger connection with the audience.

Convenience and Seamless Shopping Experience of Consumers:

In a rapid world like ours, convenience plays a significant role in shaping consumers’ online purchase behavior. Indian consumers value a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience, from easy navigation on the website to smooth checkout processes and timely delivery. Investing in user experience optimization and streamlining logistics can enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty during festive seasons.

Social Media Influence on Consumers: 

According to Adgully, 34% Indians rely on social media platforms in order to stay updated on festive offers. Social media immensely influences online buying behavior of Indian consumers with 50% leaning on gadgets and electronic gadget deals. Leverage the power of social media marketing to engage with your audience, showcase your products, and run targeted advertising campaigns during festive periods. Encourage user-generated content and leverage influencer partnerships to amplify your brand’s reach and impact.


Being a brand it’s essential to prepare your online business for the festive season, while also understanding online consumer behavior, staying agile, responsive, and adopting a customer-centric approach. This involves brands offering tempting discounts and deals, optimising mobile experiences, building trust through transparent policies and social proof, etc. 

By aligning the strategies with these key insights, brands can effectively position themselves for success and capitalise on the festive zeal to drive significant growth in their online ventures. To help you maximise your business’s potential our team at Primarc Pecan are equipped with all the necessary means to help you and your brand scale new heights, smoothly, in the competitive online marketplace during peak festive seasons.

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